La performance, based on the poems by Sola Monova

A Romp's Confession


A story of what is happening in a modern woman's heart, closet and purse.

Opening – 26.10.2018. (Small Auditorium)

Duration – 1 h 15 min


In Russian.

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Creative team:

Yury Dyakonov

Set Designer
Pamela Butane

Composer and Musician
Vladimir Tuzov

Stage Manager
Ludmila Vītiņa

Tatiana Lukashenkova's performance, based on the poems by he famous modern Russian poet Sola Monova. This is a story of what is happening in a modern woman's heart, closet and purse.

Sola Monova, a film director (by education), people's poet (as announced by, and Igor Severyanin of the 21st century (according to the "AST" publishing house), gained fame thanks to social networks - and she was the first one among writers to have got one million subscribers. Emotions and thoughts run riot in her poems; words, phrases and idioms rule magnificently; rhymes surprise a reader's mind; and the seventh dimension of irony opens all of a sudden. And all this transpires easily and naturally. Like inhaling and exhaling.


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