La performance, based on the poems by Sola Monova

A Romp's Confession


A story of what is happening in a modern woman's heart, closet and purse.

Opening – 26.10.2018. (Small Auditorium)

Duration – 1 h 15 min


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Creative team:

Yury Dyakonov

Set Designer
Pamela Butane

Composer and Musician
Vladimir Tuzov

Tatiana Lukashenkova's performance, based on the poems by he famous modern Russian poet Sola Monova. This is a story of what is happening in a modern woman's heart, closet and purse.

Sola Monova, a film director (by education), people's poet (as announced by, and Igor Severyanin of the 21st century (according to the "AST" publishing house), gained fame thanks to social networks - and she was the first one among writers to have got one million subscribers. Emotions and thoughts run riot in her poems; words, phrases and idioms rule magnificently; rhymes surprise a reader's mind; and the seventh dimension of irony opens all of a sudden. And all this transpires easily and naturally. Like inhaling and exhaling.


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