Creative team:

Paula Pļavniece

Set Designer
Sintija Jēkabsone

Costumes Designer
Sintija Jēkabsone

Light Designer
Niks Cipruss

Stage Movement Consultant
Arthur Skutelsky

Music Consultant
Vladimir Tuzov

Stage Manager
Kristiāna Drevinska

Alarming news are coming from Africa: baby hippos have stomach pains, little sharks' teeth are aching, ostriches are suffering from viruses... In general, there is no end to the list of misfortunes. And here's the trouble: nobody can treat animals in that distant land, so someone must go there to help them.

Who helps you recover, if you are sick? And who will embark on a long journey through the mountains and seas to heal the sick animals in Africa?

On the back of a whale or on an eagle's wings,  a doctor must get to the destination, so that all the animals recover and can rejoice and fulfill their animal, bird and fish duties.

During the performance, young patrons will partici[ate in a fascinating journey to Africa - in the company of a very remarkable travel companion. Will we be able to help our animal friends together?

16 Kaļķu Street
Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Phone: +371 67 22 46 60

11:00 - 19:00

Phone: +371 67 22 53 95

Phine: +371 67 21 04 18

Information on the cancelled and postponed performances:
Phone: +371 25 68 60 25

Ticket reservation, group tickets:
Phone: +371 67 22 53 95, +371 20 37 25 11
On the day of a day performance, the bppkinh-office opens 1 hour before the performance.

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