Sensible Meetings

Educational offline-project

Duration – 1 h

More information: +371 20 37 25 13

Creative team:

Dana Bjork

The anniversary season is the best time to continue to acquaint the public with the inner world of the theater and with Mikhail Chekhov, after whom the theater is named, so schoolchildren, students and various organizations have the opportunity to take a group tour of the theater as part of the project Sensible Meetings, which, in turn, is a derivative of the online project ZOOMsible Meetings, launched during the pandemic on the ZOOM platform. Initially, the audience thus entered into a virtual dialogue with the actors and got to know the theater closer. Now the opportunity to get a lot of impressions and to learn something new by looking where the public usually does not go will be provided offline.

The tour will be conducted by one of the actors: they will tell the participants about the history, show the various workshops, share remarkable facts, personal experience and stories from the life of the theater. The tour can be booked for a group of up to 40 people (in this case the group is divided in half) by writing to:

16 Kaļķu Street
Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Phone: +371 67 22 46 60

11:00 - 19:00

Phone: +371 67 22 53 95

Phine: +371 25 44 79 73

Ticket reservation, group tickets,
information on the cancelled and postponed performances:
Phone: +371 20 37 25 13; +371 67 22 53 95


The photos from the homepage may be used only with the theatre's written permission.