Duncan Macmillan (with Jonny Donahoe)

Every Brilliant Thing

Director Rezija Kalnina

Set Designer Rezija Kalnina and Kristine Kutepova

Costumes Designer Valentina Zachinyayeva

Light Designer Maxim Ustimov

Translator Lina Ovchinnikova

Designer&Painter Kristine Kutepova

Stage Manager Ludmila Vitina

When you are seven years old, it’s easy to see that life is beautiful and the world is full of amazing things. It’s much harder to convince adults of this... including yourself, when you are no longer seven.

...Okay, what do adults usually trust? That's right: something you can see and touch. For example, a document. Or a list. So, let's make a list! More precisely - a list of all the brilliant things that exist in the world. Of everything worth living for.


This play was written by Duncan Macmillanof (a modern British writer and director, who received more than one award for his skill as a playwright),  in 2014, and it has not been translated into Russian before. This funny and moving piece delicately but confidently handles the issues that are rarely spoken about on-stage (and off-stage, too). The author is convinced: Theatre at its best is incredibly direct and incredibly interventionist. And the play “Every Brilliant Thing” is his way to intervene and tell everyone, who needs to hear it, here and now, - "You’re not alone, you’re not weird, you will get through it..."

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