Good century, dear reader!

No, that’s not right. I am, after all, a theater... I’d better greet you differently:
Good century, my dear spectator!

I hope you are not confused by this strange phrasing, but just in case, I shall explain: I am many years old. And this century is the third one of those I have been witnessing pass, rush, rumble by - in road carts, trolleybuses and cars. I even remember how the first tram began running around Riga. Driven by electricity. Amazing, isn’t it? Oh yes, for you, dear spectator, it's no longer astonishing, but once upon a time... Ah! How new it was!!! Near me, many things happened that seemed new, but soon became  habitual. Therefore, for some time now, I have been wording my greeting like this:

"Good century, my dear spectator!"

What are you breathing today? What would you like to see a performance about? Performance. A word that sounds like a heartbeat. Like a ball hitting the ground thrice. Per-for-mance. During my life, I have been hearing the third bell for the beginning of the performance so often, but every time my heart jumps up, like a ball, when it's time to start. Forget jumping up - it's ready to jump out! To jump out and fly into the palm of a spectator so that they could feel it beat!

Oh yes! I definitely have a heart.

This heart keeps a memory of everyone, who has ever opened my doors. It remembers the staging directors’ voices and the actors’ steps... The name of one of them, Mikhail Chekhov’s, today is my name as well. My heart remembers the eyes of every spectator. It remembers the trembling murmur of silks and hoarse rustle of greatcoats, the enamored whisperings in the last row and bravura speeches in the squares.

I have a strong heart…

Yet it also stopped beating. Twice. During the First and Second World Wars. Then it fell silent. But only to revive and go on absorbing joy and pain of every person in any age - to respond to this pain and this joy, as a theater can, - to begin a performance! Sorry, I seem to be carried away by my memories. In these memories there are lots of emotions, and all of them are too personal, but there's nothing to be done about this - although I am in Riga, I am still a Russian theater. I know how to restrain myself, as it is customary for Riga, I am able to listen attentively and notice half-tones, but my heart beats noisily! And for me, it's very important how your heart beats today, my dear spectator. What your heart needs today.

Come here!

I'll try to guess what your age is lacking in. Freedom? I shall talk with you about freedom. Love? I shall speak about love. Joy? I shall do my best to make you smile. Come here! And if your heart falls asleep and you forget how to feel, it will be me - even against your will! - who will scream to wake up your dormant heart and to give you back this happy, childish, ridiculous ability to cry. Come here! And if one day, for example, a ball, having jumped out of the hands of an actor, would fly to the auditorium,  - you should know: this is my heart that has jumped right into your palm so you could feel it beat.

I am waiting for you, always!

Your Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theater 

From heart to heart – through centuries...

Address: 16 Kaļku Street, 16, Riga

Open: daily - 11:00-19:00

Phone: +371 67 22 53 95

Phone: +371 20 37 25 13


Tickets on-line are available only through "Biļešu Serviss" network.

Please, check the title, date and time carefully before completing your purchase!

Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theater offers an opportunity to please relatives, friends or colleagues with a wonderful gift, both on holidays and on weekdays: a gift voucher, which can be purchased at the theater box-office or online, will allow its owner to attend any performance of their choice.

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The gift voucher is valid for 1 year.


Gift vouchers are non-refundable.

Discounts are not cumulative.

These are applied to all reprtory performances, if not specified otherwise.


General discounts:

15% - for full-time students
15% - for preschool pupils for children's performances, excliding those mentioned below
15% - for schoolchildren
15% - for pensioners and patrons with special needs (disability groups I and II)
30% - for Latvian Honorable Families ("3+" cardholders) - for 3 performances per month, selected by the Theatre
50% - for wheelchair users and their attendants

Discounts for groups:

15% - when purchasing 20 and more tickets
30% - for schoolchildren, when purchasing 20 and more tickets; also 1 invitation for the group supervisor for free


Discounts do not apply to the following productions:

  • "Doctor Ouch", "Three Piglets and A Wolf", "How to Catch Santa Claus?";
  • "Riga-Hollywood Bridge";
  • "Sensible Meetings".


  • Technically, surtitles at the moment can be provided for the performances in the Big Auditorium only. 
  • In order to avoid any inconvenience, reading surtitles, it is recommended to choose seats not closer than Row 6.

A theatre tour can be arranged by phone: +371 20 37 25 13. More information >>

During a performance, a tour wouldn't be possible.

Please, coordinate the time of your visit with the administration staff:

For younger audiences:

  • "The Little Prince"
  • "The Snow Queen"
  • "DooDoo and Spring"
  • "Quirk!"

For high schoolers:

  • "King Lear"
  • "The Gronholm Mehod"

Theatre Rules & Etiquette

  • Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged, returned or replaced in case of loss or damage
  • A ticket must be purchased for every patron, regardless of age
  • Animals are not allowed in the Theater
  • Theatre visitors are responsible for personal belongings that have not been handed over to the cloakroom
  • Lost or forgotten items should be reported to the house managers (phone: 20372513, e-mail:
  • We invite the audience to come to the performances on time, after the third bell, entry to the hall is denied
  • It is forbidden to bring food and drinks into the auditorium
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol may not be allowed into the auditorium
  • Please, keep the tickets until the end of the performance, the ticket controllers have the right to demand that they be presented
  • Children under the age of seven are not admitted to the evening performances, if there is a recommendation of 7+
  • The Theatre is open to the audience since 1 hour before the beginning of the performance
  • It is forbidden to photograph and film during the performance without the consent of Theatre
  • We invite you to treat other spectators and artists with respect during the performance.

Enjoy your time here!

Other Terms and Policies

Photo- and filming. In order to ensure the recognition of the Theater and to promote the events, organized by the Theater, the process may be photographed and filmed. More information (LV) >>

Video surveillance. To ensure the safety of the audience and Theatre employees, continuous video surveillance is carried out in the Theater premises and around the building. More information (LV) >>

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Tickets for canceled and postponed performances can be returned as follows:

- tickets, purchased at the theatre box office are to be returned only to the theatre box office;

- money for tickets, purchased on the "Biļešu Serviss" website, can be obtained through a transaction, upon sending the completed application form to the Theatre Ticket Sales Department ( or following the procedure described on the "Biļešu Serviss" website (section "Postponed/Canceled");

- money for tickets, purchased at "Biļešu Serviss" outlets, can be obtained either at the theatre box office, by handing over the tickets, or following the procedure described on the "Biļešu Serviss" website (section "Postponed/Canceled");

- money for SMS-tickets can be obtained only by following the procedure, described on the "Biļešu Serviss" website (section "Postponed/Canceled").

16 Kaļķu Street
Riga, LV-1050, Latvia


Tuesday through Saturday: from 12:00 to 18:00 (on days when performances begin at 19:00 the booking-office is open until 19:00).

Monday, Sunday: the booking-office is closed.

Phone: +371 67 22 53 95



Ticket reservation, group tickets,
information on the cancelled and postponed performances:
Phone: +371 20 37 25 13; +371 67 22 53 95


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