Alexander Obraztsov

Fufa – Two Hearts

A tribute to the outstanding Russian actress Faina Ranevskaya

A story of friendship between an elderly actress and her young coleague.

Opening – 06.04.2018. (Small Auditorium)

Duration – 1 h 30 min (without an intermission)


In Russian.

NB! Smoking on-stage.

Creative team:

This production is dedicated to one brilliant Russian actress – Faina Ranevskaya (1896–1984). She liced a bright yet lonely life. This is a reflection on the reasons and a bittersweet "what if"...

An ironic and touching story of loneliness at the end of a life journey. A young actress finds a teacher, a mother and a friend, although initially she only counts on the patronage of a "star". Sometimes the vicissitudes of fate are inscrutable: in the pursuit of fame, you can find something much more valuable.

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