Alex Dubas' one-man show

Opening – 03.12.2022. (Retro Hall)

Duration – 1 h 20 min


In Russian.

Creative team:

Alex Dubas:

Beside angels, there are demons. And I want to speak about this.
To get out of this sugary, caramel image. To reconcile myself with myself.
And to helpother  people come to terms with their dark side.
To do something honest. And the best way to do it is in a theatre.

In 2018, the well-known writer, TV and radio host, traveler Alex Dubas released a one-man show "Prometheus" on the venue of the Moscow Sovremennik Theater. And now "Prometheus" has moved to the author's homeland, Riga, where many still remember one of the most recognizable and beloved radio voices.

Prometheus, as is known from ancient Greek myths, is a titan who violated the will of Zeus. Everyone remembers the stolen fire, punishment and salvation. And Alex's performance, of course, is related to this plot, but its main leitmotif is different. According to the author himself, this is a performance about the momentary and the eternal. About the search for meaning and about gaining experience. About ways to accept the inevitable. About hope.

"Prometheus" is surfing on emotions. A frank, self-ironic performance easily flows from funny stories to serious discussions and back. Prepare to watch, listen, feel blue, and smile.

16 Kaļķu Street
Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Phone: +371 67 22 46 60

11:00 - 19:00

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Phine: +371 25 44 79 73

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