Based on the tale by Selma Lagerlöf

Nils Holgersson’s Wonderful Jorney

A flight above the roofs for the whole family in one act

Opening – 13.09.2019. (Big Auditorium)

Duration – 1 hour 15 minutes



Creative team:

Edgars Niklasons

Dramaturgy. Visual cinception amd costumes
Edgar Niklasons

Visual conception and costumes
Evita Beta

Once upon a time, a boy named Nils Holgersson was alone at home, saw a tiny gnome, caught him – and was bespelled: he became as tall as his pinky. When Nils’s mother’s favourite goose, Martin, decided to fly away with wild geese, the boy, wanting to stop him, grabbed Martin’s long neck – and came to his senses high above the ground. So began a dizzying journey, during which Nils and the wild geese experienced many astonishing events... And the boy also realized, how important and valuable friendship, kindness and willingness to help each other are.


With this production, the theater opened a new venue – the Theatre Haven "Andrejsala".

If the performance take place in Andrejsala:

For the audiences, the journey begins with the bus, bringing the children and their parents to a mysterious hangar in Andrejsala, where, as they say, there is everything you could need for an adventure with wild geese.

NB! A ticket to the performance is mandatory for the bus ride. Every passemgers needs their own ticket.

16 Kaļķu Street
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Information on the cancelled and postponed performances:
Phone: +371 25 68 60 25

Ticket reservation, group tickets:
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On the day of a day performance, the bppkinh-office opens 1 hour before the performance.

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