Veronika Plotnikova's riot "Despite"

Musically lyrical performance

Opening – 09.07.2021. (Big Auditorium)

Duration – 1 h 30 min


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Creative team:

Sergey Golomazov

Set Designer
Nikita Voronin

Costumes Designer
Valentina Zachinyayeva

Arthur Skutelsky

Light Designer
Maxim Ustimov

Music Arrangement
Vladimir Tuzov

Musical Director
Ludmila Mogiļevskaya

Video Operator
Anna Konovalova

Stage Manager
Tatyana Vaulina


Vladimir Tuzov – keys

Dmitry Karpov – keys

Julia Savelyeva – guitar

Andrei Shmelev – drums

An ironic, daring and lyrical performance-concert. The program consists of musical hits of different genres and poems by contemporary authors, united by a common mood: a willingness to live, love, rejoice and create despite the circumstances, be it a pandemic, banal bad luck, bad mood or a personal failure. Unexpected interpretations of well-known works and so far little known, but vivid compositions will allow you to look not only into the inner world of the authors, but also into your own.

The programme includes the poem "Don't leave your room" by Joseph Brodsky (Copyright © 1970, Joseph Brodsky, used by permission of The Wylie Agency (UK) Limited), as well as the poems by the following authors: Ok Melnikova (Instagram, a book of poems), Pasha Brosky (Instagram), Yana Mkr (Instagram) and Yekaterina Dovlatova (Instagram).

The background video includes, in particular, a piece, provided by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Arlington, Virginia USA, and a fragment of a timelapse by Stephen Axford.

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