Lerner & Lowe's

My Fair Lady

A musical performance in two acts

A kind and funny story of love that was borm out of a bet.

Opening – 02.10.2018. (Big Auditorium)

Duration – 2 h 40 min


Based on the play by George Bernard Shaw "Pygmalion"
and the eponymous film by Gabriel Pascal


Creative team:

Alla Sigalova

Set Designer
Georgy Meskhishvili

Costumes Designer
Kristine Pasternak

Alla Sigalova

Galina Alpers, Vitaly Louis, Roald Sef

Musical Director
Ludmila Mogilevskaya

Music Setting
Ivan Moroko

Lyrics and libretto
Alan Jay Lerner

Frederick Lowe

This is undubtedly one of the most famous musicals in the world: the wonderful music, witty dialogues and fascinating plot not only remain in one's memory for a long time, but also make one eager to encounter the main characters yet again because they are bright, wayward and endlessly charming.

Based on the play "Pygmalion" by Bernard Shaw, Alan Jay Lerner and Frederic Lowe told a surprisingly kind, sometimes very funny and sometimes captivatingly gentle and touching story about love, passion... and the English language. The chance meeting of Eliza Doolittle (a young flower girl), Henry Higgins (a linguist and teacher of phonetics) and Colonel Hugh Pickering leads to an unusual experiment: Professor Higgins undertakes in six months to introduce the girl from humble beginings to the great world...  Or, rather, he claims he would correct her pronunciation, so no one would ever ever guess Eliza were a semi–literate street flower girl. Colonel Pickering takes the bet and is even ready to pay for classes. Eliza, in turn, is ready to learn because she wants to get a job in a flower shop. And none of these three people has even the slightest idea of how many surprises, trials and shocks their linguistic adventure would entail...


"Players' Night 2019" nominations:


"Best Costume Designer or Make–up Artist" – Kristīne Pasternaka ("My Fair Lady", costumes)


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