Inga Abele

The Sea Wind

Atmospheric pressure drops in two parts

The sea wind does not listen to arguments and disregards common sense. Just like love.

Opening – 30.03.2019. (Big Auditorium)

Duration – 3 h


Creative team:

Mara Kimele

Set Designer
Reinis Suhanovs

Costumes Designer
Ilze Vitolinya

Light Designer
Eugeny Vinogradov

Roald Dobrovensky

All of us, who live on the shore of the Baltic Sea, know the power of a sea wind. It fills sails and breaks plans, brings rain and banishes clouds, ruffles our hair and leaves a taste of salt on our lips and thoughts of change in our minds. The sea wind does not listen to arguments and disregards common sense. Just like love.

Captain Dzelme has the yacht "Magdalena", the boarding house "The Seagull" and his wife Vilma. Of course, the wife is not a property, she simply is there. And the question is: what does she want?

Magda has a business, Karl and memories. Is there anything off in this combination?

Dorota has lived with her husband for thirty–two years. Can he still surprise her with anyhing?

Adаms, for the sake of his wife, said good-bye to the sea. What choice will he make next time?

Helena had a lighthouse, spring and nights. What will happen next?

Inga Abele is used to tell vivid stories about real people: however sharp, tense and unpredictable they are, no one would say: "This couldn't have happened!". The same is true regarding "The Sea Wind": it's easy to see ourselves or our friends and neighbours in these characters, besides, this story intertwines the stinging and the touching, the rough and the tender, the sad and the funny – just the way life does.


"Players' Night 2019" nominations:


"Best Debut or Young Actors" – Anna Nele Āboliņa (including Helena in "The Sea Wind")

"Best Supporting Actress" – Jeļena Sigova (Dorota in "The Sea Wind")


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