Music by Lora Kvint. Libretto by Nikolay Denisov.

The Count of Monte Cristo. I am Edmond Dantes

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

A story of love, betrayal and retribution.

Opening – 10.05.2019. (Big Auditorium)

Duration – 3 h 15 min


In Russian, with Latvian and English surtitles.

NB! Smoking on-stage.

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Creative team:

Sergey Golomazov

Musical Director
Ludmila Mogilevskaya

Musical Consulting
Andrey Bill

Stage Manager
Svetlana Voronetskaya

Probably everyone at least once has faced betrayal. A broken promise, gossip behind your back, non-fulfilled request for help, infidelity – betrayal has many forms, both large and small. And each of them is destructive – not only because it hurts, but also because it wounds the very ability to trust. And such a wound could be deadly. Besides, betrayal changes both the one, who has betrayed, and the one, who has been betrayed, sometimes bringing to the world various monsters, not the last of which is a thirst for revenge.

...Young sailor Edmond Danthes returns to Marseille, full of joyful hopes and faith in the future: he will be the captain of Pharaoh, his bride is waiting for him – and she is the most beautiful girl ever, he will be able to provide a decent life for his beloved father. But Edmond encounters someone else's envy, meanness and fear – and after twenty-four years a mysterious count of Monte Cristo appears in Paris.


Surtitles in Latvian and English.

In order to read conveniently, it's recommemnded to choose seats not closer than Row 6!

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